Become An OYOS Affiliate Partner

Become a part of an amazing team of internet entrepreneurs

Become An OYOS Affiliate Partner

Become a part of an amazing team of internet entrepreneurs


Do you want to be the driving seat to aid global leadership brands? Are you intrigued by the idea of building long term business relationships with our customers (Businesses and Business owners)? Then the OYOS Affiliate Partners program is the right place for you to gain great experience. The OYOS Affiliate program is designed to combat the rising need of more job opportunities for young, enterprising youths in Nigeria and beyond.

OYOS is a full service eCommerce company that provides simplified eCommerce tools and solutions for merchants in Africa. An easy to use store builder with online payment integration and digital marketing inclusive giving their business a better chance to compete effectively in a digital market with great eCommerce support from our team of experts.

From our founder;

The young mind is the key to Nigeria’s limitless future, more opportunities for us to practice what we learn at school is what we truly need beyond a job – @travisuche – CEO at OYOS

We are passionate about improving the eCommerce industry in Africa and contributing massively to the gross-development of digital businesses and annual sales revenues in Africa and we want you to be a part of this vision. We want to create more opportunities for young people, more opportunities for you to gain access to soft skills and connect with a network of young, enterprising youths in your city. Our Affiliate Partners program is for you. All you need to do is generate your affiliate link and get merchants to sign-up and subscribe via your link. It’s easy!


How it Works

The OYOS Affiliate program allows you earn up-to 30% share on every store created and subscribed by a merchant whom you signed up for a duration of 3-Months, using your personal affiliate link. Whenever a seller clicks your link and signs up via your link, you are notified via email and can follow up on the merchant as an OYOS ambassador. You can place your affiliate link on your posts on social media and profile, whatsapp groups and visit physical stores in your locality to sign them up using your affiliate link.

This means if you sign up 10 Merchants in 1 month, you earn the 30% commission of the stores subscription for the next 3-months starting from the first month. Too good to be true? Well it is!!! We are creating opportunities for Africans. For example, 30% of 10 Subscribers on the OYOS Plus Store Plan is ₦1500 x  10stores = ₦15,000 for you. And you continue to earn this same ₦15,000 Naira from same 10 Subscribers for the next 3months as long as you manage them and follow-up on the customer to re-subscribe.

Within 3 Months, if you sign up 30 Stores, you have a total net-value of ₦45,000 per month x 3months = ₦135,000 Naira earned by you. Remember your earning capacity is all up to you. Within 1 week, you can target and head out to sign-up 10 store owners at your own pace and you continue to earn from them for 3months without doing any work at all except following up on them monthly. Pretty amazing right!

More Benefits

● A fantastic opportunity and network to make significant impact in your community and the
world working with a highly visible, mission driven organization in an incredible, supportive
● Your mentor/ manager will coach you and will ensure you get a dedicated training program,
including some days with our sales force.
● Paid Learning Experience : We treat you as full time employee , not only in terms of the
responsibility you take on but also by providing you with a competitive monthly stipend
based on your 30 percent commission on marketing .
● Gain experience on the practical side of lobbying and marketing.

What We Need From You

● A clear commitment.
● Good communication skills.
● Have an external focus an real passion for Sales/ Marketing.
● Have strong analytical thinking and skills.
● Like to bring creativity & innovation to the work.
● Fluent in English or the native language in your community.

In signing up as an affiliate partner, OYOS will provide you with promotional content and marketing materials – brochures, fliers, artworks and e-cards for you to engage store owners weekly either by visiting their stores or contacting them on social media or mass sharing your affiliate link and posting OYOS content online. You can be an affiliate partner from anywhere in Africa in your school, state and city. The 30% percentage share only applies for a merchant who subscribes and continues to do so for the next 3months. Therefore you earn as follows:

Monthly Subscriptions – 30% Commission – ₦3000 Naira Plan – You earn ₦900 Naira. ₦5000 Naira Plan – You earn ₦1,500 Naira. ₦10000 Naira Plan – You earn ₦3,000 Naira
Quarterly Subscriptions – 15% Commission – ₦3000 Naira Plan – You earn ₦1800. Naira ₦5000 Naira Plan – You earn ₦3000 Naira. ₦10000 Naira Plan – You earn ₦6,000 Naira
Annual Subscriptions – 10% Commission – ₦3000 Naira Plan – You earn ₦3000 Naira. ₦5000 Naira Plan – You earn ₦5,000 Naira. ₦10000 Naira Plan – You earn ₦10,000 Naira

CLICK HERE to learn about all OYOS store plans and their features. To be effective as an affiliate marketer, you can set weekly targets of a specific number of store owners you want to reach out to e.g 10 subscribers per week; which in turn becomes your earning target for the week.

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