Step 1: Login to your store dashboard


Step 2: Click on manage products and click on “Add New Product”

Step 3: Input the product name of the product

Step 4: Input the product description of the product

Step 5: Scroll down to the product data section and type in the price of the product in the “Regular Price” tab. To add a discounted product, type in the regular price of the product to the regular price tab and then type in the discounted price to the “Sale Price” tab.

Step 6: Click the Inventory bar on the product data section to add the stock of the product. Input how many quantities of that product you have available in your store. This allows the store to remove that product from your shop when it’s exhausted in your inventory.

Step 7: Upload your product image.

Step 8: Choose a product category by ticking the product category for that product. The product category refers to the class of that product; e.g all shoes can go into a category called “Shoes”. To create a new product category for the product, simply click “Add new category” to add a new product category

Step 9: Click “Publish” to publish the product to your store.