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Launch your own full scale online store to the world in 5-minutes with OYOS.

Be Like Lara

From the Covid-19 pandemic, Lara launched her eCommerce store for her business & has been advertising with her online shop, her sales are through the roof.

Automatic Sales all Day

OYOS powers your eCommerce website and gives you everything you need to succeed selling online.

In a time of distancing, stay close to your customers

OYOS is the smarter solution for smarter entrepreneurs

Setup your online store for your business in 5-minutes. Choose from our catalog of beautiful store templates, make it yours, upload your products, tell your customers you have your own shopping website and start taking orders.

Easy setup with no coding or design skill

Time to level up 🚀

Launching your own online store opens up a new world of more for your business and customer experience. No matter where you sell from, a physical store or the comfort of your home or an Instagram page, start building your brand and life-time customers today.

We handle all the technical load of running an eCommerce platform all by yourself, giving you the support and the freedom to focus on your business, your passion and your customers.

Here’s what you can do with OYOS

Take Your Offline Business Online

Shoppers love the convenience of online shopping. Give them your online store to do so.

Start a New Online Business

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new money maker, e-commerce is the goldmine. Start an online store.

Start Cheap

With OYOS, you don’t need to pay huge sums to get started, its as cheap as a cup of coffee.

We manage your marketing

In addition to powering your online store, we understand how complex it can get running adverts for your business all by yourself. OYOS works for you to help run strategic adverts on the internet for your online store every month that leads to more sales and brand awareness all for you.

Our eCommerce solution gives you super powers.

With super affordable monthly or quarterly subscription plans from as low as NGN3000 Naira per month, no matter who you are or your size of business, you can launch and manage your complete online store 100% owned by you, without ever having to pay huge fees to developers with zero support.

Optimized To Grow Your Brand

OYOS is not an online store, your customers see you, not us. Giving you the perfect brand visibility and independence you need. 

You can manage your online store from your mobile device on the go with a ton of sales-driving features all from your dashboard.


Sleek Store Manager Dashboard

Manage your inventory, orders, shipping, the look of your eCommerce website and much more, all from your dashboard

Access Your Customers Information

Customer data is vital for longterm business growth, access your customer information on your online store

Store Reports/Graphical Charts

Track how much money you make daily with an intuitive chart that shows all of your store sales, revenue and more

OYOS Gives You A Store Assistant

Just in case you are not a total technology lover, OYOS got you covered with a dedicated staff to help you run things

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Titi Jacobs

“OYOS is the best choice my business made this year, we’ve grown hugely & have  recorded more online sales & leads”

Vikky Kunle

“If you are looking for a great platform to support your entrepreneurial business & sales goals, OYOS is your Answer.”


 John Obi

“I love your great customer service and care, the detail you give to your marketing infrastructure is awesome. cheers”


You’ve got products to sell. Stay close to your market. Create your online store.

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